I’m going to start giving little bitty reviews as I see shows. They will be structured very similarly to this, unless I’m terribly compelled to write more. Often when I’m reading a review, I’ll skip right to the bullet points at the end. So here’s my bullet points. We all live in the age of the internet– it is unlikely I will be the only place you can find anything about a show, so come here for a taste, google elsewhere for details.




  • Charmingly imaginative
  • Clown school rejects? Awesome.
  • Touching through-line– teaching a bird-to-be about the world with all its danger and beauty.
  • The clown (Ian) was a joy throughout– his tricks were indeed ‘very daaangerous’ (certainly to a five year old, the co-writer of the show)
  • Leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling
  • Alan Tudyk is a sweetheart, both onstage and in person after the show


  • a little too short
  • a little  too repetitive