I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me over a month to write about this. WHAT KIND OF THEATER BLOG IS THIS IF I CAN’T KEEP MY THEATER LIFE UPDATED?!

In addition to Dystopiapiapia being part of the Thespis Theatre Festival in July, (HOW DID I NOT MENTION THAT?! MORE YELLING!!) I wrote another short play around the same time, called something like “The Last Man” or “If You Were the Last Man (on Earth)” or “Man Lasts on Earth for Last Time” or I don’t know. Title isn’t important.  My good friend and Warehouse Architecture Theatre co-founder Danton Spina decided to run his own little festival in Philadelphia from  June 16th-22nd. The theme is ‘the end of stuff’, and so he wrote a one-act and he has a couple other great little one-acts scheduled and he’s directing it all. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have the chance to post something about it when we get closer, but for now, here’s a great little compare and contrast on the rewrite process in a bite size serving:

So in like a day, I wrote the first draft of this play having the simple idea: what if there was an end of the world scenario where two people ended up being the last two people on earth, but they didn’t know it, and so when they decide not to reproduce it’s a much bigger deal than they thought? I knew I didn’t want to be heavy-handed about anything, and even thought it could be fun to not specify that it’s the end of the world (kind of Waiting for Godot-y). After a little back and forth with Danton, I realized I was being a little too obtuse, and it would likely just confuse people. I also fixed some potential copyright pitfalls.

Anyway, here’s the two scripts. Hopefully you’ll agree the second one is stronger:

Download (PDF, 804KB)

Download (PDF, 806KB)