Hi there! My name is Alex Coulombe and I’ve been in love with theatre ever since my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to play soccer anymore and had to find a different after-school activity. While I’ve always loved acting, I’ve found myself most satisfied in writing– something to do with watching my words brought to life on stage is simply intoxicating. I wrote my first play, La Salle d’Or, in high school as part of a one-act festival traditionally reserved for students directing established works.


At Syracuse University, Danton Spina, Ian Nicholson, and I founded the Warehouse Architecture Theatre (WhAT)– a theatrical outlet for architecture students (though it has since expanded to all non-drama majors). Through WhAT, I’ve had my plays A Public Affair, Mr. Nice Guy, Fresh Air (now ‘How to Kill a Bloodthirsty Hermit‘), and Le Salty Dream all performed. I’ve also ventured into Set-Design for other theatre groups, taking on West Side Story, Lobby Hero, and Equus. Though I’m professionally an ‘architect’ nowadays, I still write when I can and submit to competitions. A shorter version of Le Salty Dream, entitled “Kiosked!” was recently performed by The Working Theatre Collective over in Portland, Oregon.


I am also a founding member of Overlap Live!, a new group that utilizes the diverse scope of creative fields for their interdisciplinary potential. I was a producer for the original play, Supergo by Danton Spina, for the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, performed at both the World Cafe Live, and the Annex Arts Garage.


For more information, check out my Theatre Resume, my writing Samples, or contact me.