Synopsis: A high-energy dance explosion-fest that I didn’t quite understand but certainly enjoyed.



  • Wonderful interplay of mirrors of all kinds. The set worked really well with the show and never felt gimmicky.
  • My favorite moment was with two couples, one behind a two-way mirror and one in front. They danced separately for a while. complimenting each other’s choreography, but then, the front couple moved to just the right angle and their reflection suddenly began to overlap with the other couple. The choreography, now overlapping took the sum of its parts and made something new, wonderful, incredible.
  • There was also a dance between a woman and two men that felt like everything that ever needs to be said about being torn between loving two different people.
  • Just some super talented dancers. Super talented.
  • Very catchy music.
  • A tight 80 minutes. Felt like the right length.


  • Not sure what I took away from the whole thing. I just kind of washed over me. But I’m not a dance connoisseur.
  •  When I watch a Matthew Bourne show, I feel like it’s a story. When I watched this it felt like a collection of scenes that didn’t have any consistent narrative thread or spine.


Tales from before and after show:

I worked on this project! As per usual, I was involved with the seating design, but a cool new things was visualizing the colored shadows the audience created while coming in. Here’s the contrast between my initial rendering and the final result.

Also saw Keri Russell! She was there alone.