WhAT Studios puts on an original show for the Venus Theater Festival.



  • Opening scene pulled me right in: something as simple as getting a credit card revealed a lot about both characters.
  • Great idea: guy who works as a custodian of a building uses his keys to bring dates back to the swankiest apartments.
  • Great idea: the emotional rollercoaster of going from thinking you’re broke, to thinking you’ve won a million dollars, to knowing you’ve been roped into the insane schemes of a sociopath.
  • Amber Orion is a wonderfully wild and charismatic Dallas, though I think once she was cast the script should have been retailored and enhanced for a woman in that role (instead of just dressing her like a man).


  • Violence never felt real or threatening, except for a single intense glass (sugar) bottle being smashed over a head.
  • Seduction scene could have really used some music to make the whole exchange less awkward.
  • Works better as a 30-minute show than a 60-minute one.
  • How exactly does a guy who’s never had a credit card convince everyone at school that he’s rich?


*No letter grade because I’m too biased– I know everyone in the cast, the director, and the writer. And I’ve read several versions of the script in progress.