The closest thing I’ve ever seen to a VR theater piece. Totally immersive, engrossing, riveting, captivating… and months later I still can’t stop thinking about it (seen 10/15/2016)



  • Macbeth told with every character given equal weight.
  • I like how I could be in the same area multiple times and not realize at first that it was the same area (yay lighting)
  • Reminded me of my thesis
  • Loved all the details in the building. There were rooms I would have been happy to spend an hour in just reading letter and examining trinkets.
  • Not since Matthew Bourne have I seen a story told so well through choreography (it’s almost entirely silent!)


  • Constant sense of FOMO
  • It was tricky to decide whether to follow a character (who you may lose) or just keep exploring. Once I realized the show was repeating (though with interesting little changes– nurse B being present for nurse A’s fit the second time), I wish I had a better sense of new places to go. Like during the banquet hall scene, seems like everyone is there so it’s a good opportunity to go read a letter or something. And apparently the banquet hall scene ends differently the third time. I wasn’t looking out for that, so I didn’t notice. But really this is all just a good reason to go again!
  • Don’t buy the $20 book they offer afterwards. They make it sound like it’s going to be a the equivalent of the second disc of a blu-ray where you’d get all the ‘Behind the Scenes’ and ‘Making Of’ content. Not even remotely true.

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