• Loved the format and style of the whole production– particularly the newspaper headlines and the Blood Brothers as MCs with cryptic little introductions to each play. And I appreciated that they acknowledged their debt to the Crypt Keeper.
  • Watching an episode of Community today, Abed says something like ‘we only respect horror films where the characters make choices we would make.’ While I really don’t like any horror films save maybe Cabin in the Woods, I enjoyed these shows because the characters were well-written and made genuine choices. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that these are all based on true stories, but I still applaud the writers for their interpretations.
  • Nice variety of themes is the plays– yes, there’s a crazy killer in each one, but I appreciated the unique nature of each and the forces guiding their stories.
  • The one I enjoyed the most: dating show with serial killer. Loved the way his insane answers and fantasies were reacted to as though they were the typical cutesy adorkable answers typically given on those kinds of things.
  • The one I respect the most: gay porn star serial killer wants to be famous, so films his exploits, obsesses over his Google Alert. Oh, and in a surreal part 2, is tortured by spiky dildos by anthropomorphized  versions of the cute fluffy animals he killed.
  • The one the disturbed me the most (in the most dramatic manner): Bible-obsessed kids show host drugs children, eats them, and uses them as puppets. This is the play that took the most liberties from reality but… Jesus.


  • I found a few of the plays shocking, but without much drama. Guy with mental disorder mutilates himself. No thanks.
  • While I liked the idea of the wordless play with only a song guiding it, the story was very unclear.
  • Knowing all of these are true stories, sometimes the Blood Brothers commentaries on the events came off as unsavory and in bad taste.