• Truly amazing  performers packed an hour and half with non-stop ‘wow’ and ‘holyshithowthefuckdidtheyreallywhat?!’ moments
  • Great on-stage chemistry– and they somehow came off as relatable instead of super-human circus freaks.
  • Excellent job balancing superb group-efforts, and showcasing the unique strengths of individual performers.
  • The stamina and variety was incredible. One guy finished what looked like a thoroughly-exhausting routine lifting and spinning himself with bands, then, still panting, was handed a guitar to play and sing a song. He wasn’t a great musician, but still, wow.
  • I think I got more exhausted clapping than they did performing. Take that as a commentary on my relative level of fitness compared to them.
  • With each ever-more-impressive feat, I kept wondering how they would manage a properly climatic finale. They succeeded.


  • some parts felt repetitive/too long
  • some bits (like the guitar-playing) focused too much on showing us how multi-talented they are, instead of just focusing on where their BEST talents are.
  • a little too much ‘acting’, reminding us that they are not actors