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1 October


‘Whhaaaaa…? But that’s not a theatre performance!’ I hear you grumble. But here’s my definition of theatre: a live experience involving suspension of disbelief. Here’s my definition of good theatre: theatre that moves me. This was good theatre. That being said, because it does not define itself as theatre, I will choose to forgo my usual ‘Hoo-ra’/'Blech…’ format of bullet-point review. Instead, think of this more as a recap. A thorough-recap. My goal here is for you to understand–to empathize with–how wonderful this experience was. Here we go.
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6 February

I’ve recently been digging around the amorphous mass of written and visual materials produced during the sleepless haze that was my thesis year at architectural school. My project, which involved transforming Fort Jay on Governors Island into a theater, needed a proof-of-concept for how this vast, multi-stage arena may operate. Due to the enormous scale I was working with, much of the finer details of the theater were left abstract, so it was a credit to the project to zoom in a little; at least in some parts.


So I worked on an outline/sample of a script that might be suitable for performance in my theater, fully utilizing the crazy swarm of cameras and the unique sight-lines. There’s a lot to it, but you can check out the Military Theatre page of my architecture section if you want to know more about the building design and all the theory behind it.


Anyway, here’s the full Scopic Script, complete with the full play outline, a scene outline, and that scene. Important thanks go out to David Feldman, an extremely talented playwright based out of Syracuse who has become my greatest writing mentor. I still have a lot to learn from him…