• Engrossing, relevant, totally novel lighting and sound design that perfectly nailed the ominous, fever-dream-like atmosphere. Lighthouse, fire, smoke, waves, sunset, phone calls– excellent.
  • Nice reversal of the more typical man-having-power-over-wife dynamic
  • Menacing… almost, but not quite to the level I love so much in my favorite Pinter plays
  • some truly bizarre and interesting characters (the Gideons, the neighbor, the ‘Swifty’s’ mechanic…)
  • a surreal but thorough meditation on death, just what I expect from the late work of any great creator
  • Clever wordplay


  • Sometimes TOO clever wordplay
  • Muddled accents at times
  • I didn’t care about the characters’ plight/stakes
  • I wasn’t really ‘rooting’ for anyone or anything to happen