We still have to add the title and fine tune colors a little bit, but this is basically the box artwork, drawn by the fabulous Lindsay Davis. Remember when it was just a pencil sketch? Awww… it’s like watching kids grow up!

I’m so excited to release the deluxe edition. Maybe another week before I can order myself a ‘test’ copy, then it’s on to redesigning the rules, and then YOU can get a copy. Hooray!!

Oh, and I’m still torn up about what to do about the barrels flying off the cart. Do we show motion lines? Do we do like a blur thing? Or leave it alone? Whaddya think?

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Cohuman Screencap

It’s funny– you would think that since I’m living in NYC and surrounded by plenty of super-talented people, I’d be actively seeking them out as collaborators. The truth is I’d already met so many incredible designers, artists, editors, and feedback…ers before moving here that, well, it just seems silly to seek out unknown quantities when we live in an age that allows us to harness the internet as such powerful connective tissue.

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Continued from my previous post, here’s my Top 5!

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