Playing 2 versus 2 is great for people that prefer ‘team deathmatch’ over ‘free-for-all deathmatch’

Today, I finally sent out the SECOND copy of the game. The first was to myself back in May. This coveted copy–complete with the latest artwork and all sorts of extra pieces–goes to Morgan Shaw, my lead graphic designer and co-conspirator.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the differences in the May version of the game and this one, but we’ve actually been meeting regularly most Mondays over Skype to discuss everything from a recent playtest that may warrant a rule adjustment, to the number of colors we should be using in Event Cards. Oh, right. There are Event Cards now.

The game is essentially done. All that’s really left now is to make a couple more decisions on the pieces (barrels or cylinders?!), and create a beautiful, elegant, clear rulebook. I’m still hopeful we will be able to publish the final game in time for Christmas shipping. That may seem hilarious later, but for now, I’m optimistic.

So here’s some of the things of note that have happened:

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Wowsers~! Here we are.


So there’s this now. Sweet box art Lindsay!

I’m pretty thrilled with the quality of everything. The artwork from Morgan and Lindsay is beautiful, the board is superb, and all the new pieces are just as high quality as I hoped. Also, I’m glad Liz talked me into replacing the ‘green’ tiles with ‘purple’ tiles; they’re very pretty. And I love those token pieces in general– I could just eat em up!

Close-No barrels

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It’s been a long time coming. The contest-winning edition of the game came out last October, then I had a deluxe edition ready to go in early January. But then Mr. Morgan Shaw had to come along and show me how much higher quality the game could be, if only I would listen to him. Well, listen to him I did, and commission box art from Lindsay Davis I did, and now, finally, order the game I did. Though thanks to a delay with The Game Crafter’s printing service, I might not get my physical copy for a good month. But we’re not thinking about that!! We’re CELEBRATING!!! I will now showcase some of the fine, stand-out new elements of the game!

The Rum Run Box Art

The Box Art. Concept by me, created by Lindsay Davis, color-corrected and polished by Morgan Shaw. Went through a fair amount of back and forth iterations. Love the result :)

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