RR_Morgan Draft 01

Morgan’s first draft– response to my response. I have responded to his response and await further response. I had no idea he was going to jump on helping out with the design like this! Pretty classy, right? Great old timey vibe… much more clear than my design. Can’t wait to see where this develops. Between his help and Lindsay Davis’, I feel pretty stoked for where the Deluxe Edition is headed.

2 Responses to Rum Run Board Game Art Development Pt 1

  1. […] Daniel King, Danton Spina, Morgan Shaw. This is my team. And I speak to them in many ways. Lindsay, as you may remember, is working on the box-art for The Rum Run, and I communicate with her primarily through Gmail. She […]

  2. […] I had a deluxe edition ready to go in early January. But then Mr. Morgan Shaw had to come along and show me how much higher quality the game could be, if only I would listen to him. Well, listen to him I did, and commission box art from Lindsay […]

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