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So a few things. First and foremost, Shima finished a respectable (but still sad) 7th place in the Resource Contest. This was due in large part to rules that we did in fact adjust but did not update on the site before it was printed by the judges over at TGC. Obviously the biggest hang-up for them was the Monk being completely useless in a world where fish completely expires every season. But hey, on the bright-side, they provided some excellent specific feedback and I’m now setting to work organizing the rules in such a way that should group things more discretely into information for first-time players, and seasoned players with more specific questions. Hopefully that will be updated soon.

Second, I’m nearly done with The Rum Run Redux Deluxe, which is exciting. Especially after the Shima rule debacle, I want to make sure these rules are crystal clear before I release them. Above you can see both a very rough mock-up for cover art that will go on the box, and a flow chart I started on that–once refined graphically and textually–should make actions pretty straightforward. I can’t wait to get that high-quality board in… mmm.

Finally, I’m thrilled with how much effort Dan King is putting into working on Masterplan (my first love), and hope to join him shortly in refining the epic game to perfection. See his website for all his wonderful Masterplanny planning.

Oh, and super finally, I think I can officially look back on October 2011 as a very good month in my life. Not only is that the month I made The Rum Run, but I was also writing a few plays which I then submitted to a festival out in Portland, OR. I recently found out one of them was chosen, so that’s also cool. More on that on my Theatre page.

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