Wowzers, Mr. Dan King at Reluctant Pirate Games and I are really on a roll. Really! We’re not the only ones entering! Please believe us?? Each contest has about 20 or so entries. We’re just… I dunno… good at this, or something. This is a tight competition though– there are only supposed to be 3 finalists per competition, and for this one there’s 8, since the scores are so close. It really is a privilege and an honor to be judged alongside some of these other games along with their hyper-talented designers. Now if only we could learn how to market…

Check out the post and some of the other games here.
Also, the rules/artwork has been updated for Shima, so see if you can spot the changes– the major one is it is now possible to acquire the Monk tomodachi…. whereas before it wasn’t…  yeah…

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