CELEBRATE by getting yourself a copy of my award-winning game, The Rum Run, then turn it into a drinking game where every time you score a barrel, you take a shot of the hard liquor it represents! It’s a great way to help the players who are lagging behind, since the winning player’s judgment will be progressively worsened with each step they take toward victory…
Goodness, now that I think about that, that means the winner will have taken about 6-8 shots by the end.


Please drink responsibly.

To mark the occasion, I figured I’d give a little sneak peak of what’s in the works:




That’s right: The Rum Run Redux Deluxe. You heard it here first folks. Features will include:
–10″x16″ mats instead of 10″x10″
–actual Rum Running (since the colloquial use of the term refers to transporting alcohol over water… my game as it stands really should be called Bootlegger’s Run…)
–7 new roads for each player (o_0 thru 0_6)
–new colors, which means all sorts of new scenarios when combined with the original game, including cooperative play, as well as up to 6 total players!


AND, now that I’m not contrained by the contest’s cost guidelines, I can include actual BARREL PIECES in the game:

The Rum Run Redux Deluxe





WOW right!?! This deluxe/expansion game will cost about $8 more than the original. Happy end to Prohibition!

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