For the uninformed, GULP was the first game I designed for The Game Crafter, starting back in March and reaching (what I would call) a final design only a few weeks ago. The rules needed a fair amount of kobe-esque massaging but I can now officially call it a ‘super really fun game‘.

The action shots I was showing on the shop page for GULP were among the last my six-year-old Canon Powershot S2 IS was able to take before finally dying… and they were not very good. Alas, I am lucky to work in an office where they don’t mind me borrowing our absurdly nice camera for my lunch break to do a little photoshoot. What do you think of the pictures?

If you’re on a budget, this is my cheapest of games, both in actual cost, and the fact that you could play for FREE if you download the rules and a face card reference sheet and play the game using two standard decks of cards!


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  1. […] is a card game played with a minimally modified poker deck. It is inspired by Alex Coulombe’s GULP, a game that I really enjoy. I wanted to make a game in a similar fashion, but also existing in the […]

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